Originally specialized in smaller steel structures Aelterman soon developed into a steel construction company whose high-visibility projects connect people and places both literally and figuratively.

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There’s no connection we can’t handle. That is why Aelterman is the bridge builder you are looking for.

In 1952, the Aelterman family established a metal company for the construction of smaller steel structures. In 1989, the second generation took over the reins of the business, ready to start building bridges.

These past thirty years, we have landed and successfully finished a great many large-scale steel construction projects in the Benelux, Germany, and France. To allow for larger projects and further growth, we moved to the Kluizendok premises. This strategic location on the waterfront makes the business future-proof as well. It gives large sea vessels convenient access to our latest workshop in the North Seaport, simplifying the delivery process of large sections of steel structures to the shipyards.

There is more. As of last year, we are the first and only steel construction company to form part of the versatile Artes Group. We offer mutual support, not just with know-how and experience, but with equipment such as pontoons and boats, as well. And vice versa: as soon as a project requires a steel structure across, on or in the water, we are geared up and ready to go. High-quality and innovative, our steel structures go beyond what is expected, connecting people and places. Because that is what Aelterman does: building bridges, in both senses of the word.