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Aelterman guarantees quality and safety.

While delivering the best quality to our customers, we always hold the well-being of our steel constructors in the highest regard.

Quality and safety

Aelterman attaches great importance to quality and safety The well-being of our steel constructors is one of our permanent concerns. We provide training programmes, safety procedures and vital protective equipment for all our staff and employees. This ensures that all activities can take place in a safe and responsible way. Thanks to these investments Aelterman has become certified for the highest quality requirements and safety standards.


Artes Group attaches a great deal of importance to safety and respect for the environment. We have been holders of a so-called VCA** certificate for years. As a result, every project is executed according to a predetermined VGM file, a localized acronym meaning Safety, Health, and Environment.


The VCA** acronym refers to:

  • S afety and health at work and in the environment (VGM)
  • C hecklist: a checklist used for a screening
  • C ontractors: the company or contracting company carrying out works

The VCA certificate confirms that the company carries out its activities in a structured and safe manner. Clients and contractors are legally required to safeguard both their own and subcontractors’ employees from risks. Aelterman only works with subcontractors carrying a quality and/or safety label, attestation, or certificate. In addition to safety-related aspects, the company also devotes special attention to health and environment.


ISO 45001

Aelterman also holds an ISO 45001 certificate (formerly OHSAS 18001), a certification with the same goal as the VCA certificate: a healthy and safe workplace. However, unlike the VCA certificate, the ISO 45001 certificate not only applies to the construction, installation, and related industries, but to all industries.

This certificate is related to ISO quality labels 14001 and 9001. ISO 14001 indicates full and permanent compliance with environmental standards, whilst ISO 9001 monitors the quality management system. Nowadays, the Safety Culture ladder works in perfect harmony with this standard, as well.

9001 2015

ISO 9001

From the very start through final project delivery, Aelterman remains strongly committed to customer satisfaction. As proud holders of the ISO 9001 quality label, we can guarantee your project will be carried out to the highest quality standards.

Working with a structured quality control system also means constant motivation, training and upskilling for all our employees.

ISO 9001 is a standard that sets requirements for an organisation's quality management system. In addition to customer requirements and wishes, the company also must meet any legal requirements applicable to the organisation's product or service to increase customer satisfaction. Aelterman subjects itself to an annual quality management system audit to check off their compliance with quality requirements. An audit which offers the added benefit of ongoing improvements in the quality management domain.


EN 1090 certificate & CE certificate

Aelterman is committed to quality, and that includes the domain of construction itself. EN 1090 certification provides our structures with a CE marking, guaranteeing our customers that the bridges and structures we build meet any and all structural requirements.

Moreover, Aelterman was one of the first companies to be the proud holders of an EXC4, or execution class 4 construction certificate. To achieve this certification, Aelterman must also meet the strictest conditions of ISO quality label 3834.


ISO 3834 2 1

ISO 3834

The steel construction industry often employs highly advanced welding techniques, a specialized process that could carry risks if not done properly. ISO 3834 is the international standard that monitors the quality of the entire welding process. Aelterman is holder of the ISO 3834 certificate. It proves that we meet all requirements and have mastered these processes perfectly.

This certificate is composed of three components. Part 1 describes the requirements for EXC1, elementary quality requirements. Part 2 corresponds with EXC2, standard quality requirements. ISO 3834-2 applies where EXC3 and EXC4 are concerned, comprehensive quality requirements. Having complied with the strictest standards for many years, Aelterman, as a result, always works according to EXC3/4 and ISO 3834-2.

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CO² reduction

Because of the social role the company plays, Aelterman considers it important to implement sustainable entrepreneurship in various ways. The CO² performance ladder is an important tool to achieve this. It allows us to map out ànd reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 certification is a standard for an environmentally friendly approach. Besides being a people-minded company, Aelterman attaches great importance to sustainable entrepreneurship, as well. Our sustained efforts have made us proud holders of an ISO 14001 certification. This environmental management system, which also safeguards quality and safety, focuses on managing and improving our environmental performance. Monitoring, managing, and reducing our environmental impact is an essential part of our policy, on top of meeting various customer requirements ànd making a personal, positive contribution to tackling the planet’s global environmental problems.